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Find out more about Preactiv and take the first step in Preparing to Repair.

At PreActiv we are passionate about helping you prepare to repair, empowering our users to take control of their health.

Why PreActiv

We know you can actually prepare your body before your treatment using a course of exercise, nutritional and mental preparation. As a result, you can reduce your risk of complications by 51%¹ and your hospital stay by a 1/3!² You can even make your treatment more effective, speed up your recovery and improve your long-term health. These benefits can start to be realised in as little as 2 weeks³!

Our easy-to-use, doctor-designed programmes are tailored to you based on your medical background, mobility and fitness level. You can access our website and app anywhere, anytime and it means you don’t even need to come to hospital. We also provide you with a community of support and updates on the latest evidence. 

Join our community today, it is time to 

Prepare to Repair!

Meet the Co-Founders
Rebecca and Alec

Meet the Co-Founders
Rebecca and Alec

Husband and wife team Rebecca and Alec met whilst working as doctors for the NHS, with two decades of experience between them.

When Rebecca and Alec’s relatives underwent surgery, they suffered potentially avoidable complications due to a lack of preparation and unhealthy habits.  When Alec and Rebecca discovered that the risk of complications could have been reduced, even with as little as two weeks preparation, they decided to help break the cycle for others.


Still practising NHS doctors they use their experience, medical evidence and technology to create bespoke programmes for you, empowering you to take control of your health.